Easy deploy your applications from SVN with Springloops

by Gabi Solomon

When you are an one man band, coding any project doesn’t raise to much logistical problems. You can’t work with ought Version Control and deployment may be as easy as overwriting all files by FTP. When you start to at least another developer on the project, then things get tricky.

You would need some Version Control and of course you will need some deployment strategy. This is Springloops comes in. Not only does it give you an version control repository (Git or Subversion) for your project but it also provides an automatic process of deploying your app, either by FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSH and even to Amazon S3.

If version control and one click automatic deployments were not enough to convince you, Springloops also has project management features: milestones, tickets and even time tracking.

Another cool thing is they have a free plan witch gives you access to all the features for only one active project. So you have a project starting up give it a try i promise you wont be disappointed.

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