Error: svn attempt to write a readonly database, commit failed

by Gabi Solomon

After upgrading our server subversion to 1.6.2 on a new repo i run into this error when commiting:

svn attempt to write a readonly database
commit failed

Although if i looked at the repo the commited files were there.

After hunting Google a bit, I found the problem to be with the “/svn/repopath/db/rep-cache.db” file that did not have write permissions for the user subversion uses.
After fixing permissions, committing went perfectly with no errors.

Hope it helps.

  • piva

    Thanks for sharing. Exatcly same problem.

  • http://sixohthree.com/ Adam Backstrom

    Same thing here. I wonder why it’s just that one file.

  • http://www.zoozle.ro/tutoriale-wordpress/ Tutoriale WordPress

    wow, great info.

  • http://twitter.com/XanderPlooy ʎoolԀ ɹəpuɐχ

    Yup… just got bitten by this one. An oldie but a goodie (?!). Thanks for saving my sanity!

  • Diogo

    I gave permission in the project folder for all users and worked for min

    • http://www.facebook.com/jullios.felix Júllios Félix

      Thank you. It’s done

  • Jaco

    Thanks a lot. Same problem for me and it’s working fine now with the new permissions.

  • Yoke Lee

    Hi I have same problem and after which only some of my committed changes are reflected. According to the logs, they’re committed successfully, but when I see the physical files in the server, they’re not. Tried svn clean up, nothin. svn update, nothin. I’m stuck. Help!