[php class] Open Inviter – Get contacts of friends of different networks

by Gabi Solomon

Yet another great class found on the php classes website.
This one has been in my draft folder for a while (the place i keep my articles ideas ), and finally it came time to write about it (manage to put my laziness away and write it).

The class is called open Inviter and has received the rank of november 2008 Nominee for Innovation Award. I personally hope it will win it, i think it really deserves it.


This package can be use to get the contacts of friends of different e-mail providers and social networks.

It can access the Web services servers of different networks to retrieve the contacts of friends of a given user.

Each network is accessed by the means of plug-in classes. Some plug-ins support sending invitation messages to friends to be added to the user contacts.

The class currently comes with plug-ins that support :
* GMail
* GMX.net
* Windows Live (Hotmail)
* Katamail
* Lycos
* Mail.com
* Mail.ru
* Rambler.ru
* Rediff
* Yahoo!
* Yandex
* Facebook
* Hi5
* LinkedIn
* MySpace
* Orkut
* Twitter

The class is very easy to use, and comes with a very detailed example of how you can implement it.

[Class full description & download link]

Hope it helps you in your development.


  • http://www.textreminders.net Joe Jonson

    I downloaded the class and ran the benchmark test. It said that DOMDocument support was not available. Anyone have any idea on how to enable this? I have a vps with LXAdmin as the admin control panel.


  • http://www.gsdesign.ro/ Gabi Solomon

    i asume its because you have php4 on the server

  • http://www.textreminders.net Joe Jonson

    Hey Gabi,
    Thanks for the quick response. My phpinfo says I have: PHP Version 5.2.1

  • http://www.gsdesign.ro/ Gabi Solomon

    maybe this will help :

    look at the comments

  • http://www.textreminders.net Joe Jonson

    Yeah, I saw that, but I don’t even know what a php-xml module is. I guess I’ll just wait to hear back from my hosting support.