SQL Query : Copy one Column to another column in MySQL

by Gabi Solomon

I wanted to do add a new column to a table and to copy the values from that a diferent to column ( from the same table ) to the new column. And even though i thought of very integrates query’s at first, the solution was quite simple :D ( as always ).

ALTER TABLE `table_name` ADD `new_column` TEXT NOT NULL;
UPDATE `table_name` SET `new_column` = `old_column`;

Nice and simple.

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    very handy

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    Brilliant… so simple! I just timed out 5 times trying to export the data to them alter the SQL to re-import… I gave up and google “copy” and found this!



    Very Smart !!

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    Thank you, kind sir!

  • Thedigitalblade

    This only copies the first row of the source column… it's completely useless!!!

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    Nice one
    @Thedigitalblade you must be doing something wrong

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    Works great thanks and leave the old column untouched!

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  • http://www.modularhomesnetwork.com/ Modular Homes

    Great read! I wish you could follow up on this topic..

  • Rob


    I was sweating on changing the contents of a table in joomla and this little query saved the day :)

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    Really a nice and easy Query. Thank you Dear. 

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  • Deepak Jain


  • C0d3M0nk3y

    Depending on your version of mysql you might have to change that a little.  I had to use:
    UPDATE `tablename` SET `new_column` = `old_column`;

    I’m not sure why, or what version but if you are having issues, try it this way also.

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    Fabulous!!!! Worked perfect!

    Saved me lots of time

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