Optimizing Zend Routing

May 06, 09 by Gabi Solomon

After playing with zend framework for a while, and reading left and right, i came to the conclusion that i need to find a way to optimize the Routing in my application.
If you havent notice by now, the routing in Zend takes quite a while, and it increases with the number of routes you have, and with the number of routes that use Regular Expressions.

The easiest way to optimise it would be to reduce the number of rules that use regular expressions and the number of rules all together. But for SEO reasons that is not always possible.

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Current Zend View Path Helper

March 29, 09 by Gabi Solomon

Many times when i use Zend_View i have to include view files that are in the same directory, and i am forced to type in the same path over again. Which is and isnt so much work, but during development i often have to place those files in a different folder or rename one of the folders. In witch case i would be forced to change those path i gave in the view file.

This is why i wrote a small View_Helper to return the current view folder.
Unfortunately this will not work on a Zend framework out of the box, it will require some modifications to Zend_View_Abstract.

I have placed the code on ZF Snippets website, a project that i really like, and i would ask you to place any comments and suggestions for this helper on that webpage.

[ZF Snippets code]


Cron jobs in Zend Framework

March 12, 09 by Gabi Solomon

Recently i had to implement a cronjob for a website that was build with zend framework, and to be honest i haven’t done this before. I did some googling and as a lot of times with zend framework there arent to many resources about this topic.

I did find some topics on stackoverflow.com about it ( found out about zend cli proposal wich sounds interesting ) but not really an answer. So i decided to go ahead and try a solution on my own. Read the rest of this entry »

Minify css in ZendFramework

March 11, 09 by Gabi Solomon

After coming across Matthew Turland Minify Filter for Zend Framework i decided to implement the minify app to also minify the css and javascript external files.

But i only did the implementation for the stylesheets for now, and i wanted to share it :) .
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Zend Framework User Auth model

March 05, 09 by Gabi Solomon

All of the applications this days will involve a database to store data and most of them will also have a user system. This means that beside building a login/register page you also need a method to store the data of the logged-in user while they are logged in.

Normally in php driven websites you will have that data storred in sessions, but in Zend Framework its easyer to use Zend_Auth to help you manage that part for you. The way i implemented my login is that i save the the user model in Zend_Auth storage, this helps me by having acces to the models methods like isAdmin for example.

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zend framework losing session on swf/flash upload

March 04, 09 by Gabi Solomon

Recently i tried to integrate the well known swfupload script into a website.
If you are here you must probably know that normally the flash request looses session since it doesn’t send cookie headers. The recommended workaround is to send the sessionid as a parameter through post, and in the action page set the session_id() to the post variable before the session start.

I did this but for some reason, my zend application refused to accept the new session_id. I struggled with it for quite a few hours, and finally narrowed it down to a php problem since the session_id would get set properly but after session start the session would be empty.

Really hitting a dead end i headed to stackoverflow ( really thankful for the guys that made this site possible ) and tried my luck there and wrote a question. And i got my answer :D

Seemed like the problem was with the php extension Suhosin witch has a session protection to prevent session stealing. A very useful thing but in this case it made me spend quite a few hours puzzled and staring at the monitor.

Hope you this is also your problem,

Zend Framework Bootstrap file class

February 27, 09 by Gabi Solomon

After starting working with zend framework i found all sorts of examples of bootstrap files, but a lot of them seem pretty messy to me since all the calls to zend components were basically thrown in there.

So after a lot of looking around i came up with a bootstrap files that is more to my liking. I found the initial class on a blog post when i was looking around but i don’t remember where, so sorry for not giving it the credit.

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zend framework routing in models

February 08, 09 by Gabi Solomon

this post is more of a personal best practice and thought to share it with you guys. I like to do things this way, and think this is the best aproach, but i might be wrong and i would like your feedback on this :D .

So in Zend Framework first of all you are recommended to always use the routers assemble method to generate the Urls. Wich is very good since you will then have an easy way of updating an URL, for example when the SEO guy tells you to switch 2 url params around.

The problem is where you place your call to the router ?

One way to go about it is to place it in the controller, or in the view. But i think that is not the best ideea since this would mean in case you would want to change the route, the name for example, you would need to change it in all the places you made it.

A second choice would be to have the router call in a function somewhere that you would call from everywhere you would want the URL generated. But that seems to me like an extra layer.

My approch.

Almost all the time that URL is related to a model. For example if u have an article model. then you could make a method buildUrl :
public function buildUrl()
$router = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->getRouter();

$url = $router->assemble(
‘article_id’ => $this->id,
return $url;

and then in your controllers and views you would just do:

which looks nicer and you are keeping the call to the router in one place.

Thats about it, i know this might look like pretty simple stuff for most of you, but i hope some will find this useful.

Optimizing Zend performance – small tip

January 29, 09 by Gabi Solomon

If you started working with Zend Framework you have notice that it is a bit slower then your regular php application.
This is due more or less to the double sword of having such a big framework to work with.

There are a lot of tips and tutorial out there on how to optimize your Zend Framework, and in all of them you will see the recommendation to remove the require_once from the library and to use Zend_Loader. Wich is a good advice since all those require_onces do put some stress on your application.

But after a bit of testing i camed to the conclusion that Zend_Loader isn’t so fast. So i decided to go revert to a simple solution: writing my own autoloader.
I just put this small function at the top of my zend bootstrap file.
function __autoload($class) {
require str_replace(‘_’, ‘/’, $class) . ‘.php’;

And because i wrote all my application using Zend / Pear naming standard it works pretty good.

Hope you find this useful.

Multilanguage models in zend framework using Zend_Db_Table

January 20, 09 by Gabi Solomon

As i wrote in a previous post there are more ways to design a database for a multilanguage website, but the one i decided to go with is Coupled Translation table approach, where basicly for each table you have another one where you store a row for each language wich has the primary table id, language id and the other columns that need to be translated.

The Requirements and Implementation

Having this idea in mind i wrote a new class that extends Zend_Db_Table to provide an easy access to the translated tables. Basically the class a couple of things:
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