Want to build an application to update all major social services ?

by Gabi Solomon

As social networks seem to get bigger and bigger and new ways of online communication spring up, people get more and more caught up into updating their accounts on various networks.

So wheres there’s a need there’s an application :) .

As i was talking a few days ago a new service has been borne a few months ago called ping.fm that allows users to update their services all from one place. Well today i stumble upon a class on phpclasses.org called Ping.FM Wrapper that can be used to update multiple social networks using the Ping.FM API.

It accesses the Ping.FM Web services API server and can perform several operations to update social networks of a given user. It can for instance post messages or the user status, retrieve received messages, etc..

I guess this will make the life of developers required to do an application that will update social networks a whole lot easyer. :)


  • http://danltn.com Daniel Neville

    Glad you like it.